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Hi, I am Mike Kentshitswe

I guide to common classics and what lies off beaten tracks to make your safari an unforgettable experience. Let me take you to breathtaking places where I grew up and show you Botswana’s remote jewels.

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I became a guide because I just love nature. I studied and passed my guides examination at Botswana Wildlife.

Each day on safari brings new perspectives and experiences while connecting and learning together. I want my guest to experience the jewels of my country in an authentic way. And I want my guests to get very close to nature. It is likewise important to me that we respect and protect nature.

If you want to experience an unparalleled bush trip in Botswana I am happy to take you with me.

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Okavango Mokoro Trip
Delta Sunset
Little Bee Eater

My Tours

  • Available 2022

    14 Days - Best of Botswana

  • 14 Days - Delta Secrets

  • 21 Days - On the Hunt

  • 28 Days - Trails Spotting

  • 14 Days - Chasing rare Birds


What guests say about my tours

I have been on many safaris. But Mike impressed me the most so far. Not only because he is an amazing guide who shares his love for nature and his extensive knowledge with others. He is just a totally funny guy with whom I enjoyed laughing together around the campfire.
Mike is an exceptionally good driver. It is unbelievable how he drove the deep sand slopes in complete relaxation. No little wooden bridge, no matter how wobbly, could upset him.
Mike is knowledgeable in all of the aspects of the adventure, flora, fauna and exceedingly proficient in bird identification. He is the best of the best!
I came to see the Big 5 and went home a new bird lover. Mike just infected me with his passion for ornithology. Thank you, Mike!
Mike is a really gifted guide with an enormous sense to find animal tracks and to spot rare species. I enjoyed every minute of our trip in 2018, not only sharing the deep respect towards nature, but also humor.
Mike really impressed me. By instinct, he knew which way the wild dogs would run to start their hunt. He first drove away from the dogs, which was absolutely not understandable for us guests. But suddenly the animals changed their direction and were running directly towards us. I believe he has senses like an animal.
The Okavango Delta is a sanctuary for the senses. My highlight of the trip. And you could definitely see that Mike felt at home here.

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Whenever we’re talking about birds, I’m always in. So, whatever flies, I’m there. I love birds… I just love being out there!

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